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Tales from the Grave-Shift

Welcome to all Nightcrawlers
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Nightowl? Grave-yard worker? Third shifter? Vampire? Ever been referred to by these terms? Welcome to a place to rant, bitch, and yell about what happens during a full moon. To share odd stories that've happened during your shift. And perhaps offer advice to people new to the grave-shift. It's traditional that the third shift always has the oddest happenings. From car chases, to strapped down psychotics on a full moon, to things that go bump in the night.

This is just starting so bare with me as I attempt to hack out a community. The more of you that join up and share stories, I promise the more I'll be inspired to put time and effort here. So pass along the link!

Rules so far, please let's keep it only to third shifters, by that I mean anyone who works long past midnight. You don't have to be one now, if you just have a story to share from when you were one, that'd be fine. No flaming, trolls, and all that nastiness, or i"ll be forced to knock heads about.