Scott (m0nkeyboy) wrote in nightworkers,

It is almost 3 in the morning

I got a call from room345 saying there was a disturbance in the hallway, all my security is gone for the night so I grabbed my keys and headed to the third floor. I heard shouting and whitling as I came out of the elevator but did not see anything. I went down the hall and made the turn towards the long hall way. the suit room 321 was open and the riotous noise was coming from with in. When I turned the corner and peered inside the open room I was shocked at what I saw. There were 4 guys in the room and two girls. the girls were in a state of undress and the guys all but one had there members out and were cheering the girls on. One guy was on the bed with the girls. "excuse me, Guest security here, I hate to bother you all but could you please close your door and keep your voices down a bit. The guys watching turned around and said they were sorry I just nodded and closed there door for them. What is wrong with people? I do not mind the fact that they were doing wild things in there room but have the common respect of others to close your freaking door. I have not had anymore complaints but this is deffinately one for the record books. Our hotl has good live music excellent food and drinks and the parties I have witnessed here are way over the top but for the most part our guests respect that others are here to sleep not to raise hell. I can not beleive what I witnessed tonight. On a night I am missing my wife and longing to be home, now I really want to be home. I truely hope that I do not get any more calls about disturbances tonight I do not know how much more I can take of this. I can not wait until I do not have to work saturdays any more.
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