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At work again I should just live here

It is wide open tonight the locals favorite band "Spare Change" is in house tonight. No rowdyness yet but the bar does not close until 2:00am and the band wont stop until 1:30am. Some nights the bar stops serving but remains open until 4:30am. Quite a few drunk people staggering in the lobby. Guests calling down about the loud music. Ahhh just another day. I have only been here for about two hours and I have already seen one of our local news anchors drunk of her ass. A couple had to be removed for getting a bit to friendly in the lobby, A drug deal went down over by the buisness center, The bar is quite full a few gentle men were ordered cabs by the bouncers, but other than that it has been quite a pleasent night. I have called about 40 cabs. We found all the shells from the shooting last saterday there were a total of 13 shells and only one copper jacketed 40 caliber round was recovered. The police did not colect the shells or the bullet. Prints? Striations? dont they watch csi? Granted the shells were comprimised by the hotel employees (I used a kleen-ex) but the bullet was intact and had good grooving. Oh well. Now our t v personality is getting alot of attention some one must have recognized her Kara Lusk I forget what station she anchors on. The comeadian that performed at the Hilton's convention center tonight is staying with us and all night I have been divertibng her phone calls and potential evening dates. It must have been some performance. The guests have been very nice this evening. Only one complaint about the loud music. It feels like it might still be a long night though I do not really know why but I feel it.
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