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Send it in a letter

Well on my way out the door last night to work at the convenience store I couldn't find my name tag. SO I asked hubby where it was, he said. "Go without it what are they going to do fire you? After all in another week or so you won't be working there anymore."

Uh-oh-damn. So obviously he hasn't gotten the idea of me working both jobs yet. I wrote him a letter this morning, putting forth all my reasons, and my need for help, his help. Right now I wonder if I should leave it on the desk this morning for him to read later when he gets up..or leave it on the desk tonight so that he can have a whole night without me in the house to argue with...sigh...

I think perhaps leaving it hidden underneath my keyboard would be the best thing to do and leave it on the desk when I leave for work tonight.

Guess I am a big night chicken and not viscious vampire afterall.
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